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The Learning Collective specialise in designing, resourcing, delivering and evaluating the impact of educational workshops. 

Responding to specific client briefs, we use innovative, inclusive and active learning strategies to immerse students in any given theme. These may be whole school issues concerning such things as online safety, anti-discrimination, digital literacy, drugs awareness, spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), revision skills or sex and relationships education (SRE). Alternatively, they may be specific subject themes dealing with certain historical periods (e.g. World War I), novels/poems (e.g. Of Mice and Men), debates (e.g. religious ideology), ethics (e.g. euthanasia), processes (e.g. glaciation) and challenges (business enterprise).

Our learning strategies are based on collaboration, drama in education methodology and self-discovery. They are fully inclusive and safely guide students of all abilities towards active engagement. We strongly believe in the principle of doing is learning.

We are currently working with high-profile national organisations in educational workshop design, delivery and staff training. We would be delighted to provide the contact details of clients who are happy to testify for the quality of service we offer or provide you with samples of our work.


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it's the hot chocolate and biscuits that see students of all ages return for tuition week after week, month after month!


it's the subject knowledge, experience, engaging sessions and outstanding relationships our tutors and tutees share.


it's the relaxed atmosphere the students appreciate as being so important for creativity, progress and learning.


it's the pastoral approach we use, one that not only appreciates the importance of academic challenge but also recognises the general pressures and anxieties young people can sometimes encounter. 


it's our ability to personalise learning in a way that interests young people and meets their learning needs via accurate assessments of progress. 


it's the regular feedback we provide through marking work and ongoing assessment of learning.


it's the optional project-orientated approach we offer to our younger tutees that serve as vehicles for skills development, resulting in magazines, films and websites that students are genuinely proud of. 


it's the extra mile we go to ensure our tutees feel empowered, comfortable and supported. The lifts to exams, the pre-meets, the text messages, the resource sharing. 


it's time to find out more!

To arrange an informal discussion or visit to our base, call Katie in 07968 698666 or Andy on 07540 298640.

The tuition side of our work is in high demand and availability is often limited. We currently have 30 young people learning with us. There are times when slots become available so please get in touch. We'll do everything we can to meet your requirements. Our waiting list can extend up to six months so we do recommend your book early to avoid disappointment. 




District-14 is a Community Youth Drama Company for students aged 8-16. We run weekly classes at Gresford Trust’s Memorial Hall, a fabulous community facility, between 5.45pm and 7.45pm every Wednesday. The cost of each two hour class is £10. Each term we produce a live community performance and visit a regional venue to enjoy live theatre. We are a friendly, responsible and enthusiastic group who always extend a warm welcome to new members. 

In 2017, our classes extend to different community settings across Wrexham County Borough and further details will be published via social media and other local media outlets.

  1. To develop a wide range of social skills that will help students become great learners and great people with great futures. By social skills we refer to teamwork, communication, creativity, problem-solving, negotiation and leadership
  2. To use drama methodology and public performance to develop self-esteem and confidence in all DISTRICT-14 students
  3. To facilitate creative learning experiences that enable DISTRICT-14 students to express their understanding of themselves and the world they live in
  4. To explore a range of relevant social and community issues that empower DISTRICT- 14 students to stay safe and have empathy for others
  5. To develop high order thinking skills, resourcefulness and imagination through the use of the company’s chosen house style of non-naturalistic, symbolic theatre

We treat all of our young members as ‘stars’ within our inclusive and collaborative approach to exploring issues, devising work and performing. Like any theatre school, we value and develop ‘performance talent’ but, in this company, ‘people talent’ (energy, commitment, cooperation, ideas and positivity) is more important. We provide a disciplined and high expectation culture that supports the individual to thrive in a safe, secure and challenging environment. With the appropriate boundaries and ground rules, creative possibilities are infinite.

'A humanising force for good' - Timberlake Wertenbaker





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Our Critical Thinking Online workshops have been developed in partnership with national charities with DCLG and DfE funding. Currently being delivered in primary and secondary schools across the North West, North East, West Midlands and London, our interactive, inclusive workshops inspire young people to challenge prejudice and discrimination, stay safe online and understand how the digital media world works.

We can shape a diverse range of theme and content in bespoke ways to meet individual school priorities. Our Critical Thinking Online programmes can cover:

  • Online Safety
  • How Different Social Media Channels Work  
  • Digital Footprints
  • Honey Traps
  • Echo Chamber
  • Fake News
  • Media Ownership and Ideology
  • Extremism
  • Islamophobia
  • Homophobia
  • Body Image
  • Racism
  • Gender Objectification
  • Production of Online Content
  • Analytics

Please contact us to request samples and school-based references.





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A learning and/or revision programme for 11-18 year olds.

In our work with young people, we all too often see young people with bundles of potential who are low on confidence, fearful of failure and unsure of how to learn. These are not helpful conditions for effective learning. 

Wholeheartedly has been designed for students between the ages of 11 and 18 and, in addition to helping students learn how to learn and revise, the programme focuses on the personal and social development of the individual. Consequently, the primary aims of Wholeheartedly are to help youngsters become great learners and great people with the confidence to embark on a lifetime of learning.

To achieve these aims, Wholeheartedly focuses on the following objectives:

  1. To enhance levels of emotional intelligence, giving students the ability to know themselves, make the right choices and understand their purpose and intrinsic motivation.
  2. To develop resilience, optimism and healthy lifestyle habits designed to promote mental and physical wellbeing.
  3. To recognise stress as a natural human reaction that is controllable and to raise awareness of stress management strategies.
  4. To develop 'smart' strategies that allow young people to time manage. 
  5. To introduce a wide array of digital resources that provide engaging forms of learning and support.
  6. To practice a wide range of learning and revision strategies designed to make the process of learning multi-sensory and enjoyable.
  7. To provide students with strategies to aide memory, retention and recall.
  8. To provide career coaching that provides young people a clear sense of direction.
  9. To present students with a range of critical thinking strategies vital for examination success.
  10. To equip students with expertise in writing structured examination responses.
  11. To develop a strong understanding of examination papers (language, structure, timing and format) to allow students to successfully navigate scripts and to respond in ways that will maximise achievement.




'the ability to make healthy choices based on accurately identifying, understanding and managing your own feelings an those of others.'

The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence by Andy Cope & Amy Bradley

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coaching is a personalised programme of 1:1 or small group coaching that helps equip young people with the personal, social and academic skills required for effective learning and development.

To be good learners and successful young people, our children need healthy levels of self-belief, stress management strategies, courage, organisational ability, resilience, creativity, aspirations and motivation. And that’s to name but a few! Most of all, they need to know themselves.

Young people find this coaching programme particularly engaging as it provides them with important periods of self-reflection where they are allowed to articulate their understanding of themselves, their place in the wider world and what is needed to secure future contentment.

EI coaching can help resolve a wide range of common issues that can be barriers to social development and effective learning. Flexible, personalised programmes can commence at any point during the year.

Prior to commencing a programme of coaching, we evaluate current personal and academic strengths and weaknesses using diagnostic tools developed by 6 Seconds. In order to get a full picture of each student’s needs, we undertake the following activities:

  • reflections from the student on how they feel about their experience
  • an EQ diagnostic survey
  • analysis of recent written reports which contain teacher comments and grades recording attainment, effort, attitude to learning, punctuality, etc. School reports can vary in format so it may be that not all this detail is available
  • completion of a personalised learning contract whereby the child, parent and coach agree on the required conditions needed for the student to be successful during the programme.

Audition Training

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We have track record of success in audition training and preparation, with our latest drama student achieving a place at London's Sylvia Young Theatre School from September 2017. 

We offer specialist services in textual interpretation, direction and acting coaching. We also provide guidance on how best to cope with the general pressures of the audition process by linking students up with an actress currently performing in London's  West End.

We work with students of all ages who may be auditioning for theatre school, university, acting parts and local productions.