JUNE 2019

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"What a fantastic turn-out and show tonight! The young people did so well and shared what is personal and that is truly meaningful. My girls, their friends and I loved the show! Make the time to see it everyone!"

"What an amazing production - it was a fantastic evening."

"It was a fantastic, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining night. Well done to all of the cast."

"It was brilliant!"

"Absolutely fabulous show. All were fantastic. Most enjoyable."

"Was fabulous. Well done, everyone. Wonderfully insightful, made me laugh and made me cry. See you again tomorrow."

"Really enjoyed this show. Well done to all the kids that took part. You were all amazing." 

"Amazing show from a very talented cast."

"Wonderful performance! They all did so well. So insightful. Well done everyone."  

"The cast absolutely shone last night in their performance of Brainstorm at Tŷ Pawb. Fantastic direction from Andy of The Learning Collective. Such an insight into the teenage brain."

"I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the play last night, it was brilliantly done !! It was very thought provoking and I could relate to many parts as a parent of pre teens and a teenager. The cast were fantastic, making me laugh one minute to wanting to cry the next!!!! Well done to all!"

"Had a wonderful time at Ty Pawb this evening to see the performance of Wrexham teenagers. How wonderful!! Well done everyone!!"

"So proud of everybody involved in this. So many talented young people succeeding in making the audience laugh, think and be moved. You are all amazing!!! Big thank you to Andy for bringing these guys all together and making this happen!"

"The teenagers' performances were amazing. Shows just how much they all love  and benefit coming to your class, Andy. Thank you so much for doing this for children."

"My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a mixture of ‘laugh out loud’ and also a very moving account of what it means to be a teenager nowadays. We especially enjoyed meeting the cast afterwards to chat to them."

"Another fantastic performance from a talented group of young people. Andy, you are an amazing inspiration to our kids, with unwavering understanding and patience."