"You made it very easy for them to be fabulous. Your session was amazing."

Deputy head, Eden boys' school, bolton

The Learning Collective specialise in designing, resourcing, delivering and evaluating the impact of educational workshops. 

Responding to specific client briefs, we use innovative, inclusive and active learning strategies to immerse students in any given theme. These may be whole school issues concerning such things as online safety, anti-discrimination, digital literacy, drugs awareness, spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), revision skills or sex and relationships education (SRE). Alternatively, they may be specific subject themes dealing with certain historical periods (e.g. World War I), novels/poems (e.g. Of Mice and Men), debates (e.g. religious ideology), ethics (e.g. euthanasia), processes (e.g. glaciation) and challenges (business enterprise).

Our learning strategies are based on collaboration, drama in education methodology and self-discovery. They are fully inclusive and safely guide students of all abilities towards active engagement. We strongly believe in the principle of doing is learning.

We are currently working with high-profile national organisations in educational workshop design, delivery and staff training. We would be delighted to provide the contact details of clients who are happy to testify for the quality of service we offer or provide you with samples of our work.


Students said...

If you find it funny to bully someone because of their sexuality you need to think about what they’re actually going through.
I learnt even if speech isn’t directed at someone it can still effect them. I liked that you let us express our opinions.
I learnt that who I am is not a bad thing. I like that you are teaching others that people from other communities aren’t bad.
I have learnt more about discrimination. I loved the workshop as it made us all realise what happens in the world.

Online Safety & How To Manage A Healthy Digital Footprint

an interplanetary adventure committed to developing the skills and awareness to enable young people to operate safely online and to manage a healthy digital footprint


teacher training slides

the premise

‘I am Ragal. I represent The Interplanetary Council of Advanced Civilisations. I speak to Earth today because you are in grave danger. Too much negative energy is spilling from your planet in to the wider Universe. This threatens you and us.

We are here to help and we must set to work immediately to lessen the amount of 'negitrons' coming from your planet. See the golden mask up there in your sky? That is Mask Ultimate and it tells travelling space beings about the state of your planet.

You will see its dark eyes and expressionless face as well as I do. It tells space travellers that your planet is in danger of being overtaken by the forces of darkness not light.

We looked more closely at Planet Earth and we see you spending more and more time on the internet. The longer you seem to spend on it, the darker the eyes of Mask Ultimate seem to become. Your internet is a place where invisible, shadowy figures lurk, spreading their hurt and destruction, creating untold division and discrimination.

These ‘negitron’ forces can silence you, create tensions in your families, spread lies and humiliate you. Although time is running out, it is still not too late to act and bring light to the eyes of Mask Ultimate.

When your internet was invented it brought Earth hope. Your people spoke of its potential to transform learning, to keep humans in touch and unite all planetary cultures. We in the Interplanetary Council of Advanced Civilisations, nurtured our web in to a force for good. We made it the most awesome tool for wonder, creativity and expression. It brought our people together.

It is not too late for Earth. You need to transform the 'negitrons' that surround your planet in to 'positrons' and bring light to the eyes of Mask Ultimate, signalling  to the Universe that your planet is peaceful and harmonious. Until you achieve this, you will not be invited to join the Council of Advanced Civilisations.

So, how can you go about creating 'positrons'? Look again above you and see those smaller masks. These are 'negitrons, and in order to light up Mask Ultimate, you will need to transform them in to 'positrons'. I have sent a representative of the Council to you today, a great Ambassador of the Council of Advanced Civilisations. With their guidance, you will be set a number of challenges where you will be given the chance to earn 'positrons' by showing outstanding human behaviours. These behaviours will be those our Council would expect to also see demonstrated online. For example, respect for each other, kindness, patience, listening and team work.

If you transform enough 'negitrons' to 'positrons' we will all rejoice in the warmth of the light from The Ultimate Mask's eyes. As you attempt your challenges, you will learn important lessons about staying safe online, how to keep a healthy digital footprint and how to challenge prejudice and discrimination. I ask you one last time, can you turn Mask Ultimate in to a force for good and take your seat on the Interplanetary Council of Advanced Civilisations?’

workshop sample

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 21.16.12.jpg

workbook extracts

Target group(s): KS2

Cohort size: Classes up to 30 and whole year groups.

Duration: A 3.5 hour workshop

Cost: £350

Teachers said...

The boys really liked the drama aspects – they said it made them feel they understood the experienced and liked when the drama was ‘paused’.
They [the students] really respected that their views were listened to and that we valued their honesty – even if we challenged it, they liked that they felt they could say what they felt.
You made it very easy for the students to be fabulous. Your session was amazing.


providing students with a framework for the critical evaluation of online content


In a society bombarded with mass media messages, the rapid proliferation of online content and the spectre of 'fake news', the ability for young people to apply discernment and critical thinking to digital sources (e.g. internet, television and print media) HAS BECOME vital.

Andy brings his media and drama training together in a dynamic, multimedia workshop that provides schools and students with a practical framework designed to get students asking the right types of questions when consuming digital media.

This challenging, thought provoking and thoroughly engaging workshop takes complex issues and, with inclusive teaching strategies, allows students to gain an understanding of the media's influence on individuals and society.

The workshop utilises current research, trends and case studies to provide a fascinating insight into how the digital world operates and how young people can safely and confidently navigate it.

Target group(s): KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Cohort size: Small target groups, classes up to 30 and whole year groups.

Duration: We offer a 30-minute 'assembly' version of the workshop, together with a 90- minute, 3-hour and full-day version.

Cost: £50 - £500

Clients said...

I love what you’re doing. Your approach to teaching, your understanding of children are really impressive. Good teachers are among life’s true super-heroes.
I’m really enjoying working on this project with you, and I’m very pleased and proud of what we’re creating.
We love your ideas and approach.

challenging prejudice and discrimination

empowering young people to question and safely challenge prejudice and discrimination online


the brief

Developed directly from the brief of a high-profile national charity, the produced workshop is pitched at Key Stage 3 students. The education workshop and accompanying resources is currently being delivered by teachers in schools across the West Midlands and London. The client brief stipulated a number of aims which the workshop content is driven by. The activities are designed to help students understand:

  1. the dangers of a bad digital footprint and how to manage it
  2. how prejudices and extremist views are spread through media and social media
  3. the ‘echo chamber’ effect on social media
  4. the effect of prejudiced views on those who see it (the consequences of sharing)
  5. how to think critically about what they see online and how to question it (checks and balances)
  6. how to respond and challenge prejudice online safely
  7. how to stay safe from extremist grooming

workshop sample

teacher training slides


workbook extracts

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creating a social media cause marketing campaign