The Learning Collective specialise in designing, resourcing, delivering and evaluating the impact of educational workshops. 

Responding to specific client briefs, we use innovative, inclusive and active learning strategies to immerse students in any given theme. These may be whole school issues concerning such things as online safety, anti-discrimination, digital literacy, drugs awareness and revision skills.

Our learning strategies are based on collaboration, drama in education methodology and critical thinking. They are fully inclusive and safely guide students of all abilities towards active engagement. We strongly believe in the principle of doing is learning.


We are currently working with high-profile national organisations in educational workshop design, delivery and staff training. We would be delighted to provide the contact details of clients who are happy to testify for the quality of service we offer or provide you with samples of our work.



Our digital literacy workshops are currently being delivered in primary and secondary schools across the North West, North East, West Midlands and London. 

Our interactive, inclusive workshops inspire young people to challenge prejudice and discrimination, stay safe online and understand how the digital media world works.

We can shape a diverse range of theme and content in bespoke ways to meet individual school priorities. Our programmes can cover:

  • Online Safety
  • How Different Social Media Channels Work  
  • Digital Footprints
  • Honey Traps
  • Echo Chamber
  • Fake News
  • Media Ownership and Ideology
  • Extremism
  • Islamophobia
  • Homophobia
  • Body Image
  • Racism
  • Gender Objectification
  • Production of Online Content
  • Analytics

Please contact us to request samples and school-based references.