Our school leadership and media communication expertise combine perfectly to provide schools and other educational organisations with a competitively priced, high quality web design and management service. 

In an age of social media proliferation, the website is a key tool that can rapidly enhance home/school communications, providing a vehicle for information and celebration. It is more often than not the first point of contact for prospective parents and your website will define your organisation immediately. In a fast moving culture, we ensure your website captures the attention of visitors and gives them a clear appreciation of your school.

The design process involves three phases:

Phase 1 – Design Consultation

The design consultation lasts a minimum of two hours. We have developed a framework of questions that will help stimulate ideas and allow us to gather the important information we need to create a website you can feel proud of. Our questions are designed to understand your school’s identity, values and unique selling points. Amongst other considerations, we will focus on:

  • your marketing objectives
  • your range of services
  • your target demographic
  • your competitors and what sets the most successful apart
  • search terms and phrases that can be integrated in to your website to ensure search engine optimisation
  • your current use of social media and the types of activity would you wish to preserve and translate to a website
  • the kind of visual experience you require for your audience, e.g. the use of colour, typography and space
  • how you wish your site to be organised
  • whether you require a blog
  • whether you require your website to be mobile responsive.     

These are just indicative of the types of questions we ask during the design consultation.

Phase 2 – Website Design

We take everything we’ve learned away and design a first version website for you. In addition to the understanding of your school we achieved during consultation, we will need such things as a high resolution logo; existing literature or brochures that will help with content creation; photographs; video (if required); testimonials you have already secured, etc.  The speed of the whole website design process will be quickened if as much content as possible can be provided in an electronic format.

Phase 3 – Final Review, Amendments and Publication

Once the draft website has been completed, it will be presented to you during an in-depth review. We will navigate the site together and there will be opportunities to suggest final amendments. When you are completely satisfied with the website we will go ‘live’.

What Do You Get?

Inclusive in the cost of the website are the following features:

  • Website platform – the software required to build a website.
  • Full website design.
  • Domain name – your current website address or a new one.
  • Cloud storage – more cloud space than you will ever need, which is great for displaying lots of quality content
  • Mobile device compatibility – the ability to enjoy an outstanding website experience irrespective of what you view it on. This is vital in age where 70% of people access websites through tablets and/or smartphones.
  • Interactive features such as: integrated video player, blog, galleries and image carousels
  • Polls
  • Feedback facilities, e.g. comment boxes and forms for visitors
  • Social media integration


In the first year, the cost of the website, inclusive of VAT, ranges between £299 and £899, depending on the cost of your annual website platform fee. The more sophisticated the design, the higher the cost but be reassured that the cheapest platform fees will still give you an excellent website.

Following year one, an annual website platform fee between £49 and £299 will be payable.

Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services, including logo design, content management* and website training.

*Amongst other things, content management can involve:

  • photography sessions
  • filmmaking
  • interviews
  • copywriting
  • memes
  • social marketing
  • podcasting
  • management of integrated social media channels.

The image carousel below showcases a range of social media content designed by The Learning Collective, the majority of which use original photography.