Andy coached my son Zak for 10 weeks for his GCSE revision. He taught him ‘how to revise’ which is not usually something that children are taught how to do in school. Each week they practised different techniques and strategies for remembering information, some of which suited Zak’s style of learning more than others. Andy is very dedicated and passionate about his coaching and his enthusiasm certainly helped to motivate Zak. I would highly recommend Andy as a coach and am sure that Zak will not only benefit in his GCSE’s but also in future life challenges. Thank you Andy!
— Helen Dobie
A huge thanks to both Andy and Katie at the Learning Collective for inspiring Elin in only the way they can!!!!! Andy’s methods of encouraging “the teenager” to believe in herself when faced with exams has, so far, worked wonders. A huge thanks to Katie for all her hard work with regards to English revision. Katie managed to make the unappealing appealing through her variety of humorous but inspiring teaching methods. They both ensure they get to know their students well and understand the way in which they can get the best from them. To get a teenager to come from an extra tutoring session and say “I enjoyed that” is a miracle in itself!!! Many thanks for all your hard work and patience. Would highly recommend your services.
— Jane Wright
I love the Learning Collective - from the friendly tutors to the interesting and personalised lessons for my son, it’s been such a positive experience. Thank you!!
— Lesley Clarke
A more experienced caring group you couldn’t hope to meet, their input to your child’s education will always be remembered. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Joanne Eastwood
Very professional service. Two highly knowledgable educators who focus on holistic development of young people. As a Headteacher, I have received very valuable advice on whole school development issues which I’ve implemented in my school.
— Debbie Eccles
I would like to say a big thank you to Katie for supporting my daughter Grace over the last few months and wil continue to do so throughout her GCSE year, and for giving her more confidence to tackle exam papers. Here’s to mice and men and many more cheers!!!
— Rebecca Edge
A wonderful opportunity for children to confidently grow into young adults through the medium of drama. Led by a wonderful experienced teacher. Couldn’t recommended it enough. My son was apprehensive at first but now can’t wait to go to “his club”.
— Kate Skinner
The youth theatre gets young people’s confidence up without them realising!
— Alison Edwards
D14 provides challenge and inspires children.
— Kate Skinner
Katie and Andy are two wonderful tutors. My eldest daughter Amy has Katie for GCSE English and likes the way Katie works with her instead of watching her work. My youngest daughter Caitln goes to District 14 and loves it. Andy also helped Caitlin with an audition piece for Sylvia Young, resulting in Caitlin gaining a place at the school. They are both lovely, warm friendly people and I would highly recommend them. They really care about their students and go the extra mile to help them. I can’t thank them enough.
— Anne Booth
I am so grateful to know these people and wouldn’t be where I am without their support! They helped me achieve so many things throughout my school years and still offer me support throughout all of my career choices! They are dedicated and compassionate and anyone that works with them is sure to achieve great things in the future! Blessed to have been their student for many years!
— Charlie Emma
Both of my children have been attending District 14 and they are thoroughly enjoying it. Andy makes learning fun and they always come home all smiles. My eldest can be very shy and struggles to integrate in new situations, I’m so pleased with how involved she is during the sessions and she’s actually enjoying it, thank you!!
— Lindsey Cunningham
Matthew has been attending drama classes for the last term and really loves them. He has a great time having fun with his friends but learning at the same time. He is really enjoying finding out about the Gresford disaster and the way Andy has taught them has made it very real for him. They have a great understanding of what it was to be a miner in those times. It’s his favourite night of the week.
— Jane Ellis Tweedie
Wow what a fantastic wealth of information for both youngsters, parents and teachers alike. Founded by amazing teachers who strive to help young people achieve their goals. What an inspiration!
— Catherine Gordon
Creative, supportive, engaging, imaginative and driven teachers with one clear aim, to help children become the best they can be. What more can people ask for?
— Nicola Warrender
Katie helped me with A Level English Literature revision ready for my exam on 17th June 2016. She was a fabulous tutor who inspired me to work harder; after sessions with Katie, I was motivated to continue revising the whole night as her enthusiasm was infectious. Katie gave me the confidence with English Literature that I lacked after just 4 or 5 sessions and I really wish I had started sessions earlier. I would not hesitate in recommending Katie as a tutor, she is kind, welcoming and extremely helpful! The help did not stop once each session was over; I had numerous emails with extra revision, links to websites and questions were always answered in great detail, which was fab if I had missed a few points in the sessions.
Thank you again!
— Libby Holgate
Andy has really helped me with my confidence and exam technique over the past few weeks. He has taught me how to relax before exams, find me a job for September and even write my CV! Thanks Andy!
— Frankie Jackson
My son Faris really enjoys the sessions. He gets so much out of going and looks forward to every Wednesday. Highly recommend.
— Sarah Zanellan
Katie and Andy are very warm and kind people who go the extra mile to help you in any way they can. Because of them, i finally feel confident on sitting my exam. They covered all the techniques in helping me answer the questions correctly. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering to get a private tutor. Thank you Katie especially!
— Michael Williams
Wonderful caring teachers who help support, mentor and inspire their students to success.
— Lucy McKenna
Love it, inspiring and awesome. My son adores his class.
— Claire Watkins
Fantastic teachers/tutors with REAL experience of achieving outstanding results. A highly recommended network of professionals who help children learn, develop, progress and succeed in a caring and supportive manner.
— Laura Scott
Holly has been attending District 14 and thoroughly enjoys the way Andy teaches some really interesting subjects. Katie has also helped Holly with her Macbeth piece which helped her make sense of it all. Keep up the good work.
— Tracey Jones
Wonderful company & people definitely worth giving them a try they are so helpful and know how to get through to you in different ways so that you understand
— Kim Lea
I’ve received coaching from Andy in preparation for my GCSE examinations. Over a 10 week program I have found these sessions very helpful in aiding my knowledge I received from school, to put it all down into efficient revision. It helped me learn the things that schools don’t teach you about revision, mental preparation and how to cope with the stresses that the exams bring to people all around the country. It’s been a great experience and I thank Andy very much for all the work he’s done for me.
— Zak Dobie
Thank you for being so creative, warm and motivational.
— Donna Magher
I’d like to thank Andy for his commitment to D14
and our children. He goes far beyond what would be
expected from a regular drama group.
— Jackie McDonald