Andy is so passionate about the children he works with. My experience with secondary school heads has been limited and not always positive but Andy has shown me that there are secondary heads out there who put the children first and think about results after. Every time Andy speaks about his school, he always pulls it back to the children and the achievements they have made. Andy has provided opportunities for pupils that they may not have previously had and it has been a pleasure working with him.
— Brian Wilkinson, Headteacher
I worked with Andy during my time at the Anne Frank Trust UK to develop the DCLG-funded ‘Switch Off Prejudice’ programme. Andy was absolutely instrumental in this process: his creativity, professional and positive attitude and ability to deliver outstanding resources at a very fast pace impressed us all. Aside from this, he is an excellent teacher and motivator, and never failed to engage students in a diverse range of London schools and settings. I hope we will be able to work together again in the future.
— Aimee Hardy, Regional Manager
I have known Andy for over 10 years, and have had the pleasure of experiencing his professional expertise first hand. Running and operating a school, transforming a school from “ordinary” to outstanding under his direction, working with designers and architects to design and build a new education facility that the students are proud to call “their school”. Andrew is an exceptional ambassador for modern education and educational development. With an understanding of the needs and requirements of teaching staff and pupils alike. Andrew can demonstrate true leadership and team development to achieve key objectives while delivering a first class education to students, preparing them for the world at large in further education or work placement. I personally hold a senior management/board position with Wilo pumps, a £1.5billion business employing 7,000+ people, and Andrew possess the talents and skills we seek. Strong leadership, inspiring management and innovation combined with a can do attitude to tasks and challenges. I would recommend Andrew’s talents to anyone seeking his assistance, and assure anyone working with Andrew for the first time of his ability to exceed expectations and inspire all with Andrew for the first time of his ability to exceed expectations and inspire all with Andrew for the first time of his ability to exceed expectations and inspire all around him to be successful.
— Simon Oakes, Business Leader
A strong leader with real moral purpose.
— Ann Moore, Head of Achievement
You have changed this young man’s future. He was in a bad place 6 months ago and now he is full of hope for his future.
— Carys Ingham, Wrexham Home Tuition
A great use of technology and animations to engage children and help them to understand concepts.
— Nick Brown, Pupil Premium Lead
I really enjoyed last night and I came from there smiling thinking about the future. I’m looking forward to next week’s session.
— Emotional Intelligence coachee
Andy has been a massive influence at the Academy
— Steve Broadley, Governor
Erin really enjoys District-14 and she has gained a lot more confidence.
— Paula, Mum
You’ve really gone above and beyond to help. You’ve been a massive part of helping me get better. I can’t thank you enough.
— Emotional Intelligence Coachee
It would be so easy at a time like this to drive your staff too hard but you have sent out a strong, positive and passionate message. You are a great Principal.
— Margaret Darlington, Teacher
A great big thank you for modelling today’s session and consequently for enabling me to feel much more confident with the methodology and resources. Being able to work so flexibly and creatively is really helpful and means that there is a wealth of resources to draw upon in the various contexts within which the switch off programme will be delivered. This is a really great programme.
— Val Ross, Anne Frank Trust UK