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Private English Tuition


Private English Tuition

Private 1:1 or small-group tutoring is provided by Katie.

Katie is a Linguistics graduate from the University of Manchester and gained her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Secondary English from Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a wife and mother of two children, aged 10 and 7, and is co-Director of The Learning Collective Group Ltd.

Katie is currently working in local schools with young people in small group settings. She is 100% driven by people, whether it be spending time with family or friends or helping people who need support, practically, emotionally or academically.

Katie has taught in three large secondary schools over 20 years, securing outstanding results in KS3 tests, GCSEs and A-levels in both English and English Literature with young people across all abilities. Year on year, she achieved ‘positive residuals’ whereby the performance of her students always compared favourably to their performance in other subjects. Katie has also had extensive experience of teaching Year 2-6 students. Her teaching is lively and engages all children she works with.

Katie’s approach to teaching is simple. She thrives on making a difference and she is motivated by helping young people grow in confidence and achieve success. She plans for each individual’s academic needs by writing personalised programmes of study based around their hobbies and interests, wherever possible.

Katie engages students by making sessions challenging, lively and enjoyable. Her passion for English is passed to the young people she teaches. Katie takes the fear out of aspects of English students have struggled with and brings clarity to areas that can bring confusion. She is a perfectionist and loves what she does.

Katie firmly believes that to ensure young people reach their potential, each student must be taught as an individual. In order to do this, she plans lessons that cater for different learning styles. She is uncompromising in her belief that all young people can reach their full potential given a secure environment and detailed, personal written feedback.

An Infographic Showing the Impact of Private Tuition



District-14 Youth Drama Company

District-14 Youth Drama Company

District-14 is a Community Youth Drama Company for students aged 11-16. We run weekly classes at Gresford Trust’s Memorial Hall, a fabulous community facility, between 5.45pm and 6.45pm every Wednesday. Each term we produce a live community performance and visit a regional venue to enjoy live theatre. We are a friendly and enthusiastic group who always extend a warm welcome to new members. 

In 2017, our classes extend to different community settings across Wrexham County Borough and further details will be published via social media and other local media outlets.


  1. To develop a wide range of social skills that will help students become great learners and great people with great futures. By social skills we refer to teamwork, communication, creativity, problem-solving, negotiation and leadership
  2. To use drama methodology and public performance to develop self-esteem and confidence in all DISTRICT-14 students
  3. To facilitate creative learning experiences that enable DISTRICT-14 students to express their understanding of themselves and the world they live in
  4. To explore a range of relevant social and community issues that empower DISTRICT- 14 students to stay safe and have empathy for others
  5. To develop high order thinking skills, resourcefulness and imagination through the use of the company’s chosen house style of non-naturalistic, symbolic theatre


We treat all of our young members as ‘stars’ within our inclusive and collaborative approach to exploring issues, devising work and performing. Like any theatre school, we value and develop ‘performance talent’ but, in this company, ‘people talent’ (energy, commitment, cooperation, ideas and positivity) is more important. We provide a disciplined and high expectation culture that supports the individual to thrive in a safe, secure and challenging environment. With the appropriate boundaries and ground rules, creative possibilities are infinite.

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Revision Coaching

Revision Coaching

If we improve these things by a small percentage, as little as 1%, they’ll add up to a big improvement in overall performance.
— Sir Dave Brailsford

Programme Overview

This innovative programme is designed to support young people cope with the pressures and demands of examinations and is inspired by the theory of marginal gains.


  1. Who Are You?
  2. Finding Your Mojo
  3. Learning Kit and Environment
  4. The Essential Guide to Revision Software
  5. Lessons in Emotional Intelligence
  6. How to Build a Revision Timetable & Stay Sane
  7. Memory And Retention – Developing Your Super Powers
  8. Critical Thinking Skills
  9. Structuring Examination Answers
  10. Taking Ownership Of The Examination Paper
  11. Managing Examination Anxiety
  12. Coaching Surgeries During The Exam Series

Programme Objectives

  • To enable young people to understand themselves and their goals, and to enhance levels of emotional intelligence
  • To develop ‘revision hacks’ that will maximise young people’s time and allow them to work smart and comfortably during a stressful period
  • To introduce students to a rich array of digital resources that provide engaging forms of learning and support for the wider organisation and management of the revision process
  • To develop resilience, optimism and healthy lifestyle habits designed to promote mental and physical wellbeing during the examination process
  • To recognise stress as a natural human reaction that can be controlled and to raise awareness of stress management strategies, including mindfulness and visualization
  • To produce an achievable revision schedule that is underpinned by hard work whilst still preserving the requisite time for maintaining good mind and body habits
  • To practice a wide range of learning strategies designed to make the revision process multi-sensory and enjoyable, as well as aiding memory, retention and recall
  • To empower students with a range of critical thinking strategies that will provide further depth and analytical detail during revision and the final examinations
  • To equip students with the ability to write structured examination responses in ways that will secure higher grades
  • To develop a strong understanding of examination papers (language, structure, format) to allow students to successfully navigate scripts and to respond in ways that will maximise achievement.

Shape Your Own Programme

Parents, students and schools are free to shape the programme in a way that best suits the individual child. We appreciate that due to various factors (the time you discovered us, the individual needs of your child and budget), a two-year programme might not work for you. The programme is structured into three broad parts and constituent modules. This helps parents and students select what is most relevant to them. If most of the programme is relevant but factors impede fortnightly delivery over two years, modules can be condensed in such a way that as much ground as possible is covered in the time available. Whilst depth may be compromised, any duration of programme will provide value and marginal gains. Conversely, parents, students and schools may see important relevance in some modules but less so in others and may wish to expand coverage of particular topics. The suggested programme is just a starting point for discussion and can be shaped accordingly to create a bespoke curriculum catered for individual need.The options listed below provide interested parties with a starting point:

One-Off Consultation

A one-off, one-hour consultation that signposts the key methods of support that can be provided to young people during their examination studies and final exams. The consultation provides a range of helpful resources and a sharp focus of where to focus attempts to achieve marginal gains.

Five Session Focus

A five-session 1:1 programme which focuses on up to 3 modules of particular relevance to the student. For example, managing exam anxiety with some work on how to make effective revision notes.

10 Session Countdown

Scheduled to start 10 weeks before the first examination, the 10 Session Countdown provides students with intensive support and preparation as the heat starts to build.

The Full Course

We recommend the full course of 37 sessions to be delivered from the beginning of the two-year study window for GCSE and A-level students. For example, the start of Year 10 for GCSE students and the start of Year 12 for A-level students. Once scheduled, this provides the student with one fortnightly session of one hour. Whist this programme is about empowering individuals to cope with examinations and achieve excellent outcomes, it is also about exploring methods that bring the entire process of learning to life in ways that are personal to the individual. These lessons can and should be applied from the very start of an individual’s learning experience. By coaching students to learn to learn, we give them the tools to be a great person, great learner and great achiever.

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional intelligence is the ability to make healthy choices based on accurately identifying, understanding and managing your own feelings an those of others.
— The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence by Andy Cope & Amy Bradley

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coaching is a personalised programme of private 1:1 coaching that helps equip young people with the personal, social and academic skills required for effective learning and development.

To be good learners and successful young people, our children need healthy levels of self-belief, stress management strategies, courage, organisational ability, resilience, creativity, aspirations and motivation. And that’s to name but a few! Most of all, they need to know themselves.

The most exciting breakthrough of the 21st Century will not occur because of technology but because of our expanding concept of what it means to be human.
— John Naisbitt

Young people find this coaching programme particularly engaging as it provides them with important periods of self-reflection where they are allowed to articulate their understanding of themselves, their place in the wider world and what is needed to secure future contentment.

EI coaching can help resolve a wide range of common issues that can be barriers to social development and effective learning. Flexible, personalised programmes can commence at any point during the year.

Prior to commencing a programme of coaching, we evaluate current personal and academic strengths and weaknesses using diagnostic tools developed by 6 Seconds. In order to get a full picture of each student’s needs, we undertake the following activities:

  • reflections from the student on how they feel about their experience
  • an EQ diagnostic survey
  • analysis of recent written reports which contain teacher comments and grades recording attainment, effort, attitude to learning, punctuality, etc. School reports can vary in format so it may be that not all this detail is available
  • completion of a personalised learning contract whereby the child, parent and coach agree on the required conditions needed for the student to be successful during the programme.
When I was five years old my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.
— John Lennon
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Audition Training For Young Actors

Audition Training For Young Actors

The awesome talent of Caitlin Booth who we recently worked with on acting skills for her audition for the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. Caitlin will be starting at this London stage school in September 2017!

We have track record of success in audition training and preparation, with our latest drama student achieving a place at London's Sylvia Young Theatre School from September 2017. 

We offer specialist services in textual interpretation, direction and acting coaching. We also provide guidance on how best to cope with the general pressures of the audition process by linking students up with an actress currently performing in London's  West End.

We work with students of all ages who may be auditioning for theatre school, university, acting parts and local productions.

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The Live Performance

The Live Performance

Starts week beginning Monday 3rd April 2017

Running in addition to our more social issue-based District-14 group, this is a pure theatre performance project culminating in a live performance at a professionally-equipped venue.

The production period involves a 3 hour rehearsal on a Sunday, over a 16 week period at £30 per session or £10 per hour.

The final performance will be presented to a live audience and assessed by examiners from Trinity College London, the international exam board for the performing arts and English language. This gives students the opportunity to earn a recognised qualification that can earn UCAS points for university entrance.

A strict limit of 10 young actors per performance is applied to enable a focused level of instruction and significant performance responsibility for each cast member.

We provide outstanding direction and high production values. We challenge, stretch and inspire our students and we expect students to share our own high expectations in respect of focus, commitment, respect and attendance.

There are no hidden charges with venue hire, rehearsal space hire, Trinity College accreditation, ticket prices and costume all covered by the weekly charge.

Open to students in Year 7-13 from September 2017. Exceptional candidates of primary age will be considered.