Samhain, the Celtic Halloween; the real Halloween


A right treat for District-14 Youth Theatre Junior Section this autumn! We’re delighted to have been invited to add even more mood and mystery to the annual HALLOWEEN HOUSE, SALOP ROAD fundraiser in support of Nightingale House Hospice

Our work will be based on SAMHAIN, the real, original Celtic Halloween whose rituals can be seen in today’s more modern version, e.g. trick or treat, food offerings and dressing up as spirits. 

Over the next couple of months our juniors will be preparing the drama, real magic, costume, processions, masks and sounds of Samhain! 

We would love to see you there for this most worthy of causes on Thursday 31 October, 5pm to 8pm.

Check out our workshop plan for our Juniors in the run up to our performance on Samhain!