District-14 is a Community Youth Drama Company for students aged 8-16. We run weekly classes at Gresford Trust’s Memorial Hall, a fabulous community facility, between 5.45pm and 7.45pm every Wednesday. The cost of each two hour class is £10. Each term we produce a live community performance and visit a regional venue to enjoy live theatre. We are a friendly, responsible and enthusiastic group who always extend a warm welcome to new members. 

In 2017, our classes extend to different community settings across Wrexham County Borough and further details will be published via social media and other local media outlets.



  1. To develop a wide range of social skills that will help students become great learners and great people with great futures. By social skills we refer to teamwork, communication, creativity, problem-solving, negotiation and leadership
  2. To use drama methodology and public performance to develop self-esteem and confidence in all DISTRICT-14 students
  3. To facilitate creative learning experiences that enable DISTRICT-14 students to express their understanding of themselves and the world they live in
  4. To explore a range of relevant social and community issues that empower DISTRICT- 14 students to stay safe and have empathy for others
  5. To develop high order thinking skills, resourcefulness and imagination through the use of the company’s chosen house style of non-naturalistic, symbolic theatre


We treat all of our young members as ‘stars’ within our inclusive and collaborative approach to exploring issues, devising work and performing. Like any theatre school, we value and develop ‘performance talent’ but, in this company, ‘people talent’ (energy, commitment, cooperation, ideas and positivity) is more important. We provide a disciplined and high expectation culture that supports the individual to thrive in a safe, secure and challenging environment. With the appropriate boundaries and ground rules, creative possibilities are infinite.

Exploring the transformation of mining from the human hand to the machine - The Gresford Mining Disaster.

Holly and Emily are the focal point for this film made with The Anne Frank Trust. Exploring gender roles.

A workshop on non verbal communication. A vital component of human interaction yet one we rarely learn about.

The imagination is a powerful tool. Convincing performances from students who turn the space in to a dark forest during a pursuit.

Exploring the post-holocaust society of Waknuk, the oppressive city which serves as the focus in John Wyndham's 'The Chrysalids'.

Exploring 'The City On Fire' from 'They Chrysalids'. Telepathic images, voices and scenes being sent by a mystery force.

In Waknuk, any person considered 'impure' is cast aside and imprisoned. Authorities spread fake news designed to demonise The Others.

Early workshop designed to introduce a group to each other. A few trust workshops preceded  the big step up to a blind obstacle course.

Exploring the culture of a newly discovered civilisation. What do these rituals commemorate? 

Our 'Mannequin Challenge!'

Margaret & Alan Jones of the North Wales Miners' Association Trust (NWMAT) and Ruby McBurney, daughter of a Gresford victim, share their experiences and expertise of The Gresford Mining Disaster.

A humanising force for good
— Timberlake Wertenbaker