The ability to make healthy choices based on accurately identifying, understanding and managing your own feelings an those of others.
— The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence by Andy Cope & Amy Bradley

Emotional Intelligence (EI) coaching is a personalised programme of 1:1 or small group coaching that helps equip young people with the personal, social and academic skills required for effective learning and development.

To be good learners and successful young people, our children need healthy levels of self-belief, stress management strategies, courage, organisational ability, resilience, creativity, aspirations and motivation. And that’s to name but a few! Most of all, they need to know themselves.

Young people find this coaching programme particularly engaging as it provides them with important periods of self-reflection where they are allowed to articulate their understanding of themselves, their place in the wider world and what is needed to secure future contentment.

EI coaching can help resolve a wide range of common issues that can be barriers to social development and effective learning. Flexible, personalised programmes can commence at any point during the year.

Prior to commencing a programme of coaching, we evaluate current personal and academic strengths and weaknesses using diagnostic tools developed by 6 Seconds. In order to get a full picture of each student’s needs, we undertake the following activities:

  • reflections from the student on how they feel about their experience
  • an EQ diagnostic survey
  • analysis of recent written reports which contain teacher comments and grades recording attainment, effort, attitude to learning, punctuality, etc. School reports can vary in format so it may be that not all this detail is available
  • completion of a personalised learning contract whereby the child, parent and coach agree on the required conditions needed for the student to be successful during the programme.