Health & Safety


1.1 The Company is subject to the “Health & Safety at Work Act 1974” and seeks to provide a safe working environment and place of meeting for

‘Clients’ and ‘Students’

1.2 Through periodic inspections, the ‘Company’ seeks to identify all hazards which put our health and safety at risk and either to remove those

hazards or reduce the risks to manageable, acceptable levels. 

1.3. The ‘Company’ is responsible for making its tuition bases as safe as possible for the ‘Client’ and ‘Students’, as far as is reasonably practicable.

While the ‘Company’ is responsible for all aspects of health and safety, as a ‘Client’ or ‘Student’, you have a responsibility for your own health and


1.4 The ‘Client’ must follow all health and safety instructions and notices displayed in our learning spaces or instructions conveyed to you by the



2.1. Do not take any unnecessary risks while in our learning bases. The ‘Company’ directs the ‘Client’s’ and ‘Student’s’ specific attention to the

following considerations before, during and after arranged sessions at 16 Arley Road (LL12 8PQ):

  • All furniture and fittings are secure but ‘Client’s’ are asked to be aware of edges and corners of such items as drawers and kitchen units.

  • There is a small step between the kitchen and conservatory. Be aware of this when entering and exiting this particular learning base.

  • All electrical equipment, such as kettles, monitors, laptops, cameras are routinely maintained and inspected. The ‘Company’ nonetheless request that the ‘Client’ and the ‘Student’ does not use electrical equipment.

  • If arriving by car at 16 Arley Road, Client’s must avoid parking in front of the house or on the access way that leads to the ‘Company’ front door. Parking can be tight and in order to ensure congestion does not increase risk to anyone’s safety, please drop off your child on the public highway at the edge of the paved area. We use CCTV to monitor the safety of children on their approach to our base and periodically review the safety of this short walk.

  • If a ‘Client’ or ‘Student’ requires the use of bathroom facilities, the ‘Company’ provides access to a downstairs toilet and sink with running water. If running water hot, please be aware of the risks of scalding.

  • There will never be on occasion when ‘Client’s’ or ‘Student’s’ require access to the upstairs of the ‘Company’s’ 16 Arley Road address. Please be aware, however, that the bottom of the staircase is in the immediate vicinity of the entrance hall. Avoid standing on the stairs for any purpose.  

  • The ‘Company’ is always vigilant about spillages on the wooden floors of our 16 Arley Road premise and we ask ‘Client’s’ and ‘Students’ to be aware of their footing and where they are standing/walking. The ‘Company’ does not require ‘Client’s’ or ‘Students’ to remove footwear.

  • The ‘Company’ is always delighted when ‘Students’ accept our offer a drink. When a hot drink has been accepted we ask ‘Students’ to take extra caution in order to avoid burns and spillages. 


3.1. To help the ‘Company’ identify where there might be a particular risk to safety or health, all accidents resulting from a ‘Client’s’ or ‘Student’s’

activity in our learning bases are to be recorded in the Accidents Book, which is available upon request. Where you notice a particular danger to

others, please report it to the ‘Company’

4. Major Evacuation

4.1 The ‘Company’s’ electrical equipment at 16 Arley Road is regularly checked and inspected for structural faults. In the unlikely event of a fire or

other incident, it will be necessary to evacuate the building quickly and go to a safe place. 

4.2 If a ‘Client’ or ‘Student’ hears the fire alarm, they must leave the premise by to leave the premise by the nearest exit. 

4.3. If a ‘Student’ or ‘Client’ is located in the conservatory base, they should exit the premise via the conservatory doors that lead to the back

garden of the property and stand well away from the property in the corner of the garden where the black table and chairs are located.

4.4. If a ‘Student’ or ‘Client’ is located in the Study base, they should exit the premise via the front door that leads to the street. ‘Students’ and

‘Clients’ should stand well away from the property, taking care to be vigilant of any traffic, in the turning area of the cul-de-sac. 

4.5. All ‘Students’ and ‘Clients’ will be made aware of the exits when they attend their first tuition session.