Maybe it's the hot chocolate and biscuits that see students of all ages return for tuition week after week, month after month! Or, perhaps it's the subject knowledge, experience, engaging sessions and outstanding relationships our tutors and tutees share.

Maybe it's the relaxed atmosphere the students appreciate as being so important for creativity, progress and learning or maybe it's our pastoral approach that appreciates the importance of academic challenge but also recognises the general pressures and anxieties young people can sometimes encounter.

Maybe it's the way we personalise learning in a way that interests young people and meets their learning needs via accurate assessments of progress or, perhaps, it's the regular feedback we provide through marking work and ongoing assessment of learning.

Maybe it's the optional project-orientated approach we offer to our younger tutees that serve as vehicles for skills development, resulting in magazines, films and websites that students are genuinely proud of and it could be the extra mile we go to ensure our tutees feel empowered, comfortable and supported. The lifts to exams, the pre-meets, the text messages, the resource sharing. 

Maybe it's time to find out more! 

To arrange an informal discussion or visit to our base, call Katie in 07968 698666 or Andy on 07540 298640.

The tuition side of our work is in high demand and availability is often limited. We currently have 30 young people learning with us. There are times when slots become available so please get in touch. We'll do everything we can to meet your requirements. Our waiting list can extend up to six months so we do recommend your book early to avoid disappointment.