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A humanising force for good
— Timberlake Wertenbaker

District-14 Youth Theatre was established in June 2016 to provide local youngsters with the opportunity to develop a wide range of life skills through drama education and live performance.


  • To develop a wide range of social skills to help students become great learners and great people with great futures
  • To use drama education and theatre to develop self-esteem in all students
  • To facilitate creative learning experiences that enable students to express their understanding of themselves and the world they live in
  • To explore a range of relevant social and community issues that empower students to stay safe and have empathy for others
  • To develop high order thinking skills, resourcefulness and imagination through the use of the company’s chosen house style of symbolic theatre.
  • To promote a wide range of transferable skills that are in high demand in the employment market, e.g. creativity, collaboration, self- and social awareness, resilience, initiative and presentation skills.




District-14 students are unfailingly kind. They work collaboratively, listening to each other attentively and sensitively. Every time they welcome a new member to the group they make them feel less apprehensive immediately and the group is responsible for nurturing many close friendships.

Our students have a genuine interest in the world around them. They are inquisitive and full of ideas. Their insights into issues have been an inspirational source of new learning for all involved, young and old. They share a strong work ethic and embrace challenge. They respond to high expectations and prosper in a structured environment offering ‘serious fun’ and fresh ways of learning.

No one in the group takes themselves too seriously and ego never gets in the way. This is brought about the trust that exists in the group. They know that getting things wrong is a great way of learning. They are unafraid of taking creative risks and they love to experiment. They are a diverse range of personalities: shy, friendly, respectful, funny, talkative, thoughtful, eccentric, daft, determined and gutsy. We always welcome new members and warmly invite them to bring their own colours to the group.


  • No subject teaches you how to work well in a team quite like Drama. In Drama you are nearly always working with a group of people of varying sizes. Drama will allow you to develop your patience, ability to compromise and communication skills. 
  • You will learn discipline. This skill makes you more aware of your body language and more able to adapt your behaviour for various situations. It’s not so much about acting as being aware of your body language and how to adapt to distracting, uncomfortable or sensitive situations. 
  • In Drama you will be asked to improvise on a number of occasions. This allows you to think on your feet, develop your initiative and will encourage you to be more proactive. This will hold you in good stead when it comes to taking initiative and adapting in your personal life and in the workplace. 
  • Drama stimulates you to be constantly creative. Drama will force you to regularly come up with exciting, functional and convincing ideas, to a deadline and this ability will stay with you. 
  • Empathy is a really important life skill. When you act in Drama you put yourself in to another person’s shoes and try to identify with them and their situation. This is an invaluable skill that will open your mind, improve the way you interact with people and is especially useful if you are considering a career in caring, teaching or social work. 
  • Analysing Drama productions allows you to develop your critical thinking skills. This is useful for a number of jobs and is great if you are planning on taking English Literature, Media Studies or Film Studies at degree level. Also, it allows you to think more critically about the film, television and theatre that we all consume on a daily basis. 
  • You will gain in confidence. This is a really important one because Drama gives you the opportunity to push yourself to perform. You will be able to grow in confidence, develop your performance skills and overcome the fear of making mistakes in a fun, creative and supportive environment. 


ROC2 Studios sits where the municipal aerodrome used to service the Royal Flying Corps during World War I and the Royal Air Force in World War II. The airfield came under control of Royal Observer Corps, precipitated by the onset of the Cold War.

In 1962, a hardened nuclear bunker was built for No.17 Group Royal Observer Corps, North Wales, who provided the field force of the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation. No.17 ROC would have sounded the four-minute warning alarm, in the event of war and warned the population of Wrexham in the event of approaching radioactive fallout. The building was manned by up to 80 volunteers.

Due to the Royal Observer Corps being disbanded, the bunker went through a transition between September 1991 and December 1995, was put up for sale by the MOD and was repurposed as a Recording and Mixing Studio by dance music remixers, K-Klass. 

The current lease was signed in May, 2015. Customers arrived through the door in its first week of opening, with Catfish and the Bottlemen using the Filter Room to rehearse for their gig at Glastonbury and as a base for writing tracks for their album, The Ride. 

Work has continued on the building and with new tenants taking rooms, bands taking storage and creative professionals using the recording and photographic/ video facilities, ROC2 Studios is slowly building its band of merry collaborators.


  • “The performance gave me goosebumps.” 
  • “D14 involves everyone and helps to build life skills, like confidence.” 
  • “The group has given my daughter lots of confidence and new friends.” 
  • “It’s very fun and educational.” 
  • “D14 provides challenge and inspires children.” 
  • “The youth theatre gets young people’s confidence up without them realising!” 
  • “Great for confidence.” 
  • “Absolutely brilliant performance, from the acting, sound and lighting. All spot on.” 
  • “What can I say...powerful piece of work superbly acted by all.” 
  • “It was a fantastic, mature performance from such a young cast. I can't thank you enough for what you've done.” 
  • “Wonderful performance, thoroughly enjoyed.” 
  • “Well done to all the children for performing such challenging subject matter.”
  • “Great performance. Very powerful.” 
  • “What a great piece of work. Thanks very much for all of your effort in developing these vital life skills! Brill.” 
  • “Congratulations to the fantastic District 14 cast. A wonderful performance!” 
  • “I’d like to thank Andy for his commitment to D14 and our children. He goes far beyond what would be expected from a regular drama group.” 
  • “He has a real enthusiasm and passion for your workshops, this is particular praise as being a teenager with an Xbox addiction it’s hard to get him to be enthusiastic for anything. He always comes home and chats about it, which is nice. He even trades a sleepover at his Dads house for Drama, and he loves those sleepovers.”

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