We have an obligation to read aloud to our children

Yep! I stopped reading with Benj (my son) when he became a 'free reader' and I was busy trying to help Evie (my daughter) master reading. However, reading with and to Benj has been back on the agenda, for the last year, with Andy (my husband) at the helm. With the hours and times we work, sometimes more reading is the very last thing I want to do, yet it continues to be a bonding experience and, I believe, one of the single most important things any parent can do in supporting their child's education. Books encourage empathy, teach life lessons in tolerance and kindness; thus help us find and understand our own moral compass. Never mind the benefits of broadening your vocabulary and, therefore, ability to communicate with others. Plus, books can be quite entertaining too! 🤣 Right, I shall get off my soap box now! Sorry! 😘 xxx

Andrew Taylor-Edwards